Maine 1901 Pine Tree Flag T-shirt

The State of Maine flag used from 1901-1909. The pine tree is a traditional symbol of New England and has been featured on New England flags since at least 1686. The flag has its roots in the Appeal to Heaven flag commissioned under George Washington’s authority as Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in October 1775. The Appeal to Heaven phrase is a particular expression of the right to revolution used by British philosopher John Locke in chapter 14 of his Second Treatise on Civil Government which was published in 1690 as part of Two Treatises of Government refuting the theory of the divine right of kings. Locke’s works were well-known and frequently quoted by colonial leaders, being the most quoted authority on the government in the 1760-1776 period prior to American independence.

It’s printed on a 4.8 ounce, 100% ringspun cotton garment dyed t-shirt.
Soft and comfortable.


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